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The Beautiful feet of Isaiah 52

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; … Continue reading

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Ten Keys to Understanding Isaiah

Elder McConkie shared 10 keys to understanding Isaiah, and I wanted to share them here. I am grateful to him for his work in teaching the scriptures to all of us! 1. Gain an overall knowledge of the plan of … Continue reading

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Nephi’s use of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

Nephi quotes Isaiah for much of the text of Second Nephi. Over the years, I have met many folks who say that they “like to skip Isaiah” because they do not understand it. Many wonder why Nephi quotes so much … Continue reading

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Isaiah – a relevant book for young people

In our classroom we have a “question box”.  I have found this to be a useful tool in the classroom.  When a student has a question that would take us far off topic, yet is still relevant to their lives, … Continue reading

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Isaiah 29 – A book that is sealed

Isaiah 29 deals with a prophecy of a book that is sealed.  Isaiah speaks of a time when the eyes of prophets, rulers, and seers are “covered”. From the text of Isaiah 29 we read: And the vision of all … Continue reading

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Isaiah 5 – The parable of the vineyard

In Isaiah 5, Isaiah combines parable, warning, and promise together with poetry and irony in an effort to portray the Lord’s work with the children of Israel.  This chapter contains the themes reflected in the first four chapters of Isaiah … Continue reading

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Nephi’s use of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

When teaching the Old Testament I find it useful to tie the teachings of these ancient prophets to the revelations of the restoration.  The Book of Mormon is an excellent key that can be used to unlock the Bible.  By … Continue reading

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The calling of Isaiah

Isaiah 6 retells the experience Isaiah had when he saw the Lord in the temple.  The Lord called Isaiah to be a prophet, to go for him and teach the people, to bring them to understanding that they may be … Continue reading

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