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Student Questions About Repentance

We had several students ask questions about repentance in class after our discussions surrounding the downfall of Saul, David and Solomon.  Some questions revolved around those who battle with the same sin repeatedly as well as how repentance works.  One … Continue reading

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The Downfall of Saul

The Downfall of Saul See also: This house is your wedding present Saul’s decision to leave the path of righteousness is taken one step at a time.  At each moment of decision he falls deeper and deeper into jealousy and … Continue reading

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Numbers 5 – Lepers cast out?

In class as we were going through some of the chapters in Numbers I had several students ask about the casting out of the lepers in Numbers 5.  Although not just lepers were “put out of the camp” (Numbers 5:2), … Continue reading

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