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2 Samuel 13: Dealing with abuse

2 Samuel 13 As the remainder of David’s life unfolds in the book of 2 Samuel, the narrative is filled will examples of how Nathan’s prophecies about David and his family are fulfilled.  The record states that one of David’s … Continue reading

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The Downfall of Saul

The Downfall of Saul See also: This house is your wedding present Saul’s decision to leave the path of righteousness is taken one step at a time.  At each moment of decision he falls deeper and deeper into jealousy and … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 13 Wait Upon the Lord

1 Samuel 13 relates the story of Saul making an unauthorized offering.  After waiting seven days for Samuel to come and make the offering, Saul went ahead and performed Samuel’s duties.  The text suggests that Saul felt pressure as the … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 10 The Children of Belial

1 Samuel 10:27 tells us that the children of Belial spoke harshly of Saul.  Said these individuals, “how shall this man save us?”  We read that they “despised him, and brought him no presents.  How Saul deals with these individuals … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 9-10 The Nature of God

1 Samuel 9-10 teach us that even in the exercising of our agency in unwise ways, the Lord will do all He can to help us to be successful. The Israelites chose to have a king, against the counsel of … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 3: Be Ready

1 Samuel 3 teaches so many important principles.  One idea that is particularly applicable to youth is that we need to be ready when called upon.  Samuel heeded the voice of the Lord when called upon, but the two men … Continue reading

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Exodus 6-12 Signs & Wonders: Why Miracles Are Necessary

“There is no provision in the law that miracles will create faith.  Signs follow, they do not precede.” – Elder Bruce R. McConkie Exodus 6-12 contains a series of signs and wonders that the Lord uses to encourage Pharoah to … Continue reading

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Noah’s Ark as a symbol

There is significance to the symbolism of the ark Noah built in Genesis 6.  There are three arks in the Bible. 1.  The ark of Noah – contained the prophet and the salvation of Israel.  The ark rested on a … Continue reading

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Student questions about plural marriage

This year I have had several students asking questions about the practice of plural marriage by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the 19th century.  Usually the questions focus on why the Lord commanded this … Continue reading

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D&C 6-9 Recognizing and Following the Spirit

Have you ever received an impression? If you were the Lord, what is one of the first things you would want to teach this newly restored church? 2 Nephi 32:5 –WHAT does this basically say?  You get the Holy Ghost, and it will guide you … Continue reading

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