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This house is your wedding present

We have heard Dr. Goodell’s story of the house dishonesty built. It tells of a very wealthy man who had as a part of his household a young woman to whom the entire family was devoted. She was courted and … Continue reading

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I do not know what God is

To try to indicate the need that exists in the world, and in our own lives, for proper religious information, I would like to tell you of an experience. . . I happened to be in a large eastern city … Continue reading

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Romans 8:12-39 Hope For the Saints

I find the following outline to be helpful when studying Romans 8:12-39 1. Five Characteristics of a Saint – Romans 8:12-17 A. Romans 8:12-13 A Saint Puts to Death the Natural Man B. Romans 8:14 A Saint is led by … Continue reading

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The Atonement: Key Events

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Matthew 23: Hypocrites, Blind Guides, Whited Sepulchres

Matthew 23:1-36; Mark 12:38-40; Luke 11:37-54 Jesus pronounces woes on hypocrites (Greek: hypokritḗs, “actors” or “mask-wearers”), those who are not heading in the direction they should and, by their horrible example, are obstructing others from heading to heaven as well. … Continue reading

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Questions Thrown At Jesus

Jesus handles some very difficult questions when at the temple during his last week. Each group asks a specific question that reveals their true character and desires. Jesus handles each question masterfully. We spent some time looking at each question, … Continue reading

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John 11: Jesus Wept

Marvelous Power John 11 shows the compassion that Jesus had for Mary and Martha as well as all of us. Most students of the Bible are familiar with the phrase “Jesus wept”. Many seminary students do not know the context … Continue reading

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John 9: A Man Born Blind

There is a purpose and a plan in all suffering When faced with adversity, we might ask Heavenly Father, “Why me?” But do we think to ask in times of bounteous blessings, “Why am I so blessed?”  Jesus’ comments in … Continue reading

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John 4: The Woman at the Well

Growing In Revelation This chapter outlines the progression the Samaritan woman takes in recognizing Jesus as the Messiah. The woman starts by addressing Jesus as “thou, a Jew” (verse 9) to “Sir” (verse 11) to “I perceive that thou art … Continue reading

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Luke 10: Don’t Just Stand There!

Luke 10:25-37 illustrate what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  What we do with our Christianity shows the world why Jesus Christ has made a difference in our life.  I love the sentiment expressed by Benjamin Franklin: … Continue reading

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