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Newel Knight saw the Savior – 1830

During the last week in May I went on a visit to Fayette and was baptized by David Whitmer. On the first day of June, 1830, the first conference was held by the Church. Our number consisted of about thirty, … Continue reading

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Resurrected beings do not have blood

Resurrected beings have the power to do the things that mortals can do (though the ability to create life, or the power of procreation will be reserved for those that are exalted). Resurrected beings are very similar mortals, their bodies … Continue reading

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The Joseph Smith Hypocephalus

A translation of Facsimile #2 I appreciate the work that Michael Dennis Rhodes has put forward in our understanding of Facsimile #2. Below is an article that he published several years ago which has helped me in my quest to … Continue reading

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The Resurrection

            When the resurrected Lord appeared to His Apostles, He helped them understand that He had a body of flesh and bones. He said, “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: … Continue reading

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How God Lost His Body

See also: I do not know what God is I am afraid I can’t answer that Recently I had a student ask a well thought question.  He wanted to know why a body is essential for our growth.  “Why do … Continue reading

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