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I found it in Mr. Goddard’s store

This experience goes well with the account in the Book of Mormon where Laman and Lemuel tell Nephi that he is the “bad guy” (1 Nephi 17:20-21; 18:10) – or when the priests of Noah tell Noah that Abinadi is … Continue reading

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2 Samuel 11 Overcoming Temptation

The narrative of David’s downfall in 2 Samuel 11 is given with such detail and in such a matter of fact manner that it is impossible to miss the point.  David made a series of decisions that brought him and … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 17: David & Goliath

The showdown between David and Goliath has many relevant parallels to the youth of the Church today.  In many ways Goliath represents the temptations and trials of the world.  He also represents the demands of the world that we must … Continue reading

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Genesis 39 Get Real

From time to time students express their frustration with those that ridicule them for their faith and for resisting temptation.  Others tell them that they need to “get real” and learn to “live in the real world”.  They are told … Continue reading

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