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The Moving Rock in the Wilderness – Exodus 17 & Numbers 20

The Moving Rock in the Wilderness How did the Israelites deal with the logistics of traveling in the wilderness for forty years with all of those people? With 2 million people to feed, water, clothe, bathe (not to mention waste … Continue reading

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The Messiness of Scripture

On this page (see below) I will add content that illustrates how scripture is both human and divine. I am working on content to show that although scripture isn’t perfect, it has divinity throughout. I believe that the Spirit of … Continue reading

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Why does 1st and 2nd Samuel/Kings read so differently than 1st and 2nd Chronicles?

The Author of Samuel/Kings The first thing you need to know when you read Chronicles and Kings is that each author of these diverse books had dissimilar agendas because they were answering different questions. The writer of Samuel/Kings doesn’t hesitate … Continue reading

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