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On questions, scientific laws, and brick walls

On Difficult Questions The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “by proving contraries, truth is made manifest” (HC 6:248). To “study it out in your mind” is often a prerequisite to heavenly assistance (D&C 9:8), and communication from God may sometimes be … Continue reading

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Willard Bean & Rebecca Bean – Missionaries in Palmyra

Willard Bean: Palmyra’s “Fighting Parson” By Vicki Bean Zimmerman accessed from LDS.org on 12.8.16 When Willard Bean and his young bride moved to Palmyra, New York, in the spring of 1915, they were the first Latter-day Saints to live in … Continue reading

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Rebecca Bean’s experience

Visions are not limited to prophets or to those in positions of authority. A special vision occurred to Rebecca Bean, who with her husband, Brother Willard Bean, serve a mission in Palmyra, New York from 1915 to 1940. They were … Continue reading

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Joseph W.B. Johnson – A Modern Day Miracle

Steadfast African Pioneer 1999 By Dale LeBaron, as found on LDS.org See also: Our Heritage – A People Prepared: Joseph W. “Billy” Johnson  “As a young man, I started searching for spiritual peace,” says Joseph Johnson of his early religious … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 13 Wait Upon the Lord

1 Samuel 13 relates the story of Saul making an unauthorized offering.  After waiting seven days for Samuel to come and make the offering, Saul went ahead and performed Samuel’s duties.  The text suggests that Saul felt pressure as the … Continue reading

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