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Alma 36-40: The epistles of Alma- principles of parenting

In Alma 36-42 we read the advice of Alma to his sons Helaman (Alma 36-37), Shiblon (Alma 38), and Corianton (Alma 39-42). These chapters are an excellent source of information to those who want to practice principles of effective parenting. … Continue reading

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Questions Thrown At Jesus

Jesus handles some very difficult questions when at the temple during his last week. Each group asks a specific question that reveals their true character and desires. Jesus handles each question masterfully. We spent some time looking at each question, … Continue reading

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John 4: The Woman at the Well

Growing In Revelation This chapter outlines the progression the Samaritan woman takes in recognizing Jesus as the Messiah. The woman starts by addressing Jesus as “thou, a Jew” (verse 9) to “Sir” (verse 11) to “I perceive that thou art … Continue reading

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Matthew 5 The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount teachings principles which have many applications in the lives of young people.  Matthew 5 outlines 4 important ideals that we examined in class.  They are: 1.  Adultery & Divorce 2.  Honesty 3.  Retaliation & Violence … Continue reading

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Isaiah 5 – The parable of the vineyard

In Isaiah 5, Isaiah combines parable, warning, and promise together with poetry and irony in an effort to portray the Lord’s work with the children of Israel.  This chapter contains the themes reflected in the first four chapters of Isaiah … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 4-9

Through an act of war, the Philistines take away the ark of the covenant from the nation of Israel.  The text suggests that the Philistines believed the power of the ark would help them in battle.  The ark serves as … Continue reading

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