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I Was Prompted What to Say

This story is one of many inspiring stories from the book Faith in the Service:  Inspirational Stories from LDS Servicemen and Servicewomen, compiled by Chad S. Hawkins and published by Deseret Book.  This story comes from First Sergeant David Fillmore … Continue reading

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Orson Hyde returns

Summer 1838, Orson returned from serving as a missionary in England to Far West, Missouri just as trouble began. Orson was very ill and exhausted. Unable to get out, friends called on him and filled his ears with news of … Continue reading

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Matthew 9: Credibility

When we establish relationships of trust with others, we have a greater ability to affect change in society.  In the Book of Mormon, when Ammon established with King Lamoni that he really meant to serve the king, that he (Ammon) … Continue reading

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Matthew 5 The Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount teachings principles which have many applications in the lives of young people.  Matthew 5 outlines 4 important ideals that we examined in class.  They are: 1.  Adultery & Divorce 2.  Honesty 3.  Retaliation & Violence … Continue reading

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Matthew 5:14 Let Your Light Shine

I have used some of the following stories to emphasize the importance of letting our light shine.  The savior taught, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid… Let your … Continue reading

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1 Samuel 10 The Children of Belial

1 Samuel 10:27 tells us that the children of Belial spoke harshly of Saul.  Said these individuals, “how shall this man save us?”  We read that they “despised him, and brought him no presents.  How Saul deals with these individuals … Continue reading

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Exodus 32: A study in leadership practices

Today we examined how Moses and Aaron react to the Israelites’ desire to engage in idolatrous practices.  Aaron and Moses both respond in divergent ways – looking into their responses brought home a message to the youth in seminary. First, … Continue reading

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D&C 14-17

D&C 14 Endure to the end David Whitmer does not endure.  Born Jan 7 1805, died Jan 25 1888.  Excommunicated April 1838, he never returned to the church.  When Moroni showed the 3 witnesses the plates, he turned directly to … Continue reading

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