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The Merneptah Stele

Discovered in western Thebes, Egypt, in 1896 by W.F. Petrie, the hieroglyphic inscription on this stele from 1208 B.C.E. contains the earliest surviving reference to “Israel” outside of the text of the Bible. The text on the stele commemorates a … Continue reading

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Who Shall Ascend into the Hill of the Lord?

The Psalms were originally the text of the ancient Israelite temple services. Their poetry was woven into a magnificent eight day pageant-like temple drama that depicted the full eternal sweep of the Savior’s mission and his Atonement. The principles taught … Continue reading

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The Divided Kingdom

Date (BC) Israel (Northern Kingdom) Twenty monarchs, all were wicked.  Five dynasties were set up in Israel, all were short lived and ended by assassination or violence.  Seven monarchs were murdered, and 1 died of suicide. Judah (Southern Kingdom)  Twenty … Continue reading

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Patriarchal Blessings: What about children in the same families from different tribes?

Regarding Patriarchal blessings and the declaration of lineage, President James E. Faust stated: The Church is expanding at a tremendous rate. We now have stakes of Zion in a great many countries of the world, and most stakes have at … Continue reading

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The Gathering of Israel

I am teaching an Institute class right now – Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon FDREL 275, and wanted to put together some quotes that help students see how the gathering is to take place, especially with respect … Continue reading

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