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Heber C. Kimball Healed in Kirtland 1837

Heber C. Kimball healed by the power of the priesthood While I was in the Kirtland Temple, June 4, 1837, the Prophet Joseph came to me and said, “Brother Heber, the Spirit of the Lord has whispered to me, saying: … Continue reading

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John Murdock sees the Savior

John Murdock’s experience with the Savior John Murdock, who was boarding with the Prophet during the spring of 1833, described in his journal the experience he had while attending one of the meetings in the Prophet’s home: The Prophet told … Continue reading

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Willard Bean & Rebecca Bean – Missionaries in Palmyra

Willard Bean: Palmyra’s “Fighting Parson” By Vicki Bean Zimmerman accessed from LDS.org on 12.8.16 When Willard Bean and his young bride moved to Palmyra, New York, in the spring of 1915, they were the first Latter-day Saints to live in … Continue reading

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To those who question

To those who doubt, who question things, I say, welcome to the party. I have so many questions. That is part of why I have started addressing so many of them here on the internet. There is so much of … Continue reading

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Joseph W.B. Johnson – A Modern Day Miracle

Steadfast African Pioneer 1999 By Dale LeBaron, as found on LDS.org See also: Our Heritage – A People Prepared: Joseph W. “Billy” Johnson  “As a young man, I started searching for spiritual peace,” says Joseph Johnson of his early religious … Continue reading

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Amanda Barnes Smith’s experience at Haun’s Mill

Amanda Barnes Smith Amanda Barnes Smith 1809-1886 Amanda Smith, a woman of great faith and a survivor of the Haun’s Mill massacre, was born Feb. 22, 1809, in the town of Becket, Beckshire county, Mass., daughter of Ezekiel and Fannie … Continue reading

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Ruth – Heaven Works Backwards

Ruth is a great book for teenagers.  So many of them can relate to a person who has had so many difficulties.  We began the study of the  book of Ruth by writing on the white board all of the … Continue reading

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