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Why are there unpublished revelations in our day?

Unpublished Revelations Encyclopedia of Mormonism Author: Caldwell, C. Max Not all revelations of God to his latter-day prophets have been formally published, let alone accepted by the common consent of the Church as canonized scripture. Just as the compilers of … Continue reading

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Prophets have Melchizedek Priesthood

All Priesthood is Melchizedek Answer to the question: Was the priesthood of Melchizedek taken away when Moses died? All priesthood is Melchizedek, but there are different portions or degrees of it. That portion which brought Moses to speak with God … Continue reading

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Open Your Mouth

I have the blessing of being the gospel doctrine teacher in my ward. Today the lesson was Lesson 11: “The Field Is White Already to Harvest” and we had a great discussion about missionary work. One of the promises the … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 37-39 Dry Bones, Sticks and War

From Ezekiel 34 to the end of his book, Ezekiel focuses on the latter days, emphasizing events far in the future, removed from his world of 600 B.C.  His focus narrows on the restoration of the house of Israel both … Continue reading

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D&C 6-9 Recognizing and Following the Spirit

Have you ever received an impression? If you were the Lord, what is one of the first things you would want to teach this newly restored church? 2 Nephi 32:5 –WHAT does this basically say?  You get the Holy Ghost, and it will guide you … Continue reading

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