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Jacob 5 The Allegory of the Olive Tree (part 2)

The longest allegory in scripture is Zenos’ allegory of the olive, which is found in Jacob 5. In Jacob 5:3, Zenos explains to his hearers that the tame olive tree represents the house of Israel. From this interpretation, we can … Continue reading

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The Nephite Pride Cycle

From 91 B.C. to A.D. 31, the Nephites were governed by a series of judges. This time period gives many examples of the of how the Nephites constantly fluctuated in their level of commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. This … Continue reading

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2 Nephi 9 Chart

I really like this chart that visually shows how Jacob illustrates the two paths that we can choose while in mortality. 2 Nephi 9 is such a great chapter of the Book of Mormon, and this chart is a great … Continue reading

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