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If the Devil Applies for Baptism Some years ago a prominent man was excommunicated from the Church. He, years later, pleaded for baptism. President John Taylor referred the question of his baptism to the apostles, stating [in a letter] that if … Continue reading

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Joseph as a type of Jesus Christ

I believe that as we read the Old Testament, looking for ways that the events and stories therein show a similarity to the Savior Jesus Christ, that we are reading the text as Nephi directs when he said,  “Behold, my … Continue reading

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John Taylor uses the hymns of Zion to solve problems

Elder Heber J. Grant shared this experience involving John Taylor: I recall one incident showing how song has the power to soothe irritated feelings and bring harmony to the hearts of men who are filled with a contentious spirit. It … Continue reading

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Orson Hyde returns

Summer 1838, Orson returned from serving as a missionary in England to Far West, Missouri just as trouble began. Orson was very ill and exhausted. Unable to get out, friends called on him and filled his ears with news of … Continue reading

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Mosiah 27 – Hope For Parents of Wayward Children

Mosiah 27 usually causes young people to ask questions about those that they love who are not on the gospel path. I like to emphasize that the Lord does not judge us until the Final Judgment, and so it behooves … Continue reading

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Mosiah 25-29

Mosiah 25-29 is a record of what happened in Zarahemla from approximately 120 to 91 B.C. The people of Zeniff’s colony, including Limhi’s people and Alma’s followers, had returned to Zarahemla and were united safely under King Mosiah’s rule. This … Continue reading

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Mosiah 1-6 King Benjamin’s Speech part II

In Mosiah 4 we read how the atoning blood of Jesus Christ is applied to our life. King Benjamin taught that when we truly apply the atonement of Jesus Christ, our views change. We see ourselves, others, and the Lord … Continue reading

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Romans 3:21-31 – Paul & Justification

In Romans 3:21-8:39 Paul spends time teaching the Romans what a Christian is like, comparing the New Covenant with the Old, comparing Adam to Jesus, and illustrating how Heavenly Father is an active participant in our lives. The next few … Continue reading

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John 13: The Betrayal of Jesus

John 13:20-30 show how Jesus treated Judas before Judas left to betray him. The apostles partook of the passover, and after Jesus washed the apostle’s feet we read the following: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever … Continue reading

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John 8:1-11 & Luke 7:36-50 The Power of His Forgiveness

John 8:1-11 and Luke 7:36-50 teach a powerful lesson about the Savior’s willingness and ability to forgive sin.  In the scriptures, when people genuinely cry out to Jesus to be forgiven, He always responds with a granting of this request.  … Continue reading

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