Kingship and Coronation


Othmar Keel, “The Enthronement,” section 2, of Chapter V: The King in The Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Book of Psalms [1997] pages 256-268. See: Symbolism of the Biblical World

Stephen D. Ricks and John J. Sroka, “King, Coronation, and Temple: Enthronement Ceremonies in History,” in Temples of the Ancient World, (ed. by Donald W. Parry, 1994), pp. 236- 271. See: King Coronation and Temple Ricks and Sroka  You can also view it here.

Stephen D. Ricks, “King, Coronation, and Covenant in Mosiah 1-6,” in Ed. John W. Welch and Stephen D. Ricks, King Benjamin’s Speech (F.A.R.MS., 1999), pp. 175-200. See: King Coronation and Covenant in Mosiah 1-6

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