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3 Nephi – Rebaptism in the Book of Mormon

3 Nephi – Saints Rebaptized in the Americas The prophet Nephi was preaching in the years preceding Christ’s visit to the Americas. He was an authorized servant of the Lord, as we read in Mormon’s abridgment. This is his description: … Continue reading

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The tragedy of abuse – Alma 50:30

Alma 50 tells the story of one Morianton, an enemy to the Nephites: Therefore, Morianton put it into their hearts that they should flee to the land which was northward, which was covered with large bodies of water, and take … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith on Keys – Nauvoo Teachings

Joseph Smith on Keys He spoke of delivering the keys of the Priesthood to the Church, and said that the faithful members of the Relief Society should receive them with their husbands, that the Saints whose integrity has been tried … Continue reading

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Keys of the Priesthood

Modern teaching regarding the keys restored in our dispensation to Joseph Smith the Prophet “It is necessary in the ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times, which dispensation is now beginning to usher in,” the Prophet Joseph … Continue reading

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Natural is not always good

Ty Mansfield shared something that is worth consideration. He wrote an article in which he deals with some of the controversial attitudes about sexuality in the modern world. The idea that mankind may have natural feelings that need to be … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Incarnation

Scripture is both human and divine First, that in the Bible the divine and human are blended. We must not regard the Bible as an absolutely perfect book in which God is Himself the author using human hands and brains … Continue reading

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Resheph – God of War, Pestilence, and the Underworld in the Hebrew Bible

Habbakuk 3 and the God Resheph in the Hebrew Bible Many bible translations have a tendency to mask the polytheistic nature of Israel’s commitment to Yahweh in the Hebrew scriptures. Throughout the Old Testament, clues exist to demonstrate the monolatrous … Continue reading

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