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The Priesthood of the Nephites

The Priesthood of the Nephites This is from Joseph Fielding Smith, in his book Answers to Gospel Questions, Volume 1 Related: Were the Nephite Disciples Apostles? Question: “While studying our Book of Mormon lesson in our Sunday School class our … Continue reading

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2 Nephi 10 – The name of Christ is revealed to Jacob

The prophet Jacob testifies of Jesus Christ: Wherefore, as I said unto you, it must needs be expedient that Christ—for in the last night the angel spake unto me that this should be his name—should come among the Jews, among those who are the more wicked part of the world; and they shall crucify him—for thus it behooveth our God, and there is none other nation on earth that would crucify their God. (2 Nephi 10:3) 2 Nephi 10 and the revelation of the name of “Christ” One of the most significant aspects of Jacob’s discourse is that for the first time … Continue reading

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Could the Book of Mormon be an “E source” document?

Right now I am reading The Elohist and North Israelite Traditions by Alan W. Jenks. On page 22 he writes, “The use of this motif (dreams and prophecy), like that of the divine speech in a night dream, suggests that … Continue reading

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What are the sacrifices Lehi offers in 1 Nephi 2-7?

What Were Those Sacrifices Offered by Lehi? I have been asked before about the sacrifices made by Lehi while in the wilderness as recorded in 1 Nephi 2-7. While there are some things we do not know, there are many … Continue reading

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Lehi’s sacrifice in the wilderness and the Temple Scroll

I have been asked by students about Lehi’s sacrifice that he makes in 1 Nephi 2. How could Lehi have been allowed to do this when we read in the Bible about the command to only sacrifice in Jerusalem? While … Continue reading

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Were the Lehites alone in the Americas?

I am of the belief that when Lehi and Nephi and their families arrived in the new land that they were not alone. Although the text of the Book of Mormon does not tackle this issue head on, and understanding … Continue reading

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The Baal-Peor Incident in Numbers 25

The Baal-Peor Incident – Problems with Numbers 25 Who caused the Israelites to worship the false god of Baal of Peor: the Moabites or the Midianites? (Numbers 25:1-2 vs Numbers 25:16-18, 31:15-16) Numbers 25:1-5 is a Yahwist text, and Numbers … Continue reading

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