The Lord has wisely hidden the future from our view

Commit Suicide to get to the telestial kingdom?

Brigham Young 1801-1877

It is not wisdom for us to understand the future, unless upon certain principles. Those principles are divine, and when we understand the future and eternity upon divine and holy principles, we are satisfied with our own existence, for we understand the object of it.

But take the human family, the great mass of human beings who swarm in creation, and convince them that their state would be better when the step from this to the next world, and let them have no knowledge beyond this, and the crime of self-destruction, which has been mentioned here today, would be far more prevalent than it is now, especially among the wicked.

How many there are who say, “I wish I was better off, for I am in a sad condition!” Is this the case with most of the human family? It is, and the majority say in their hearts, if not with tongues, “I wish I was in different circumstances; I am poor, I am afflicted, I am sorrowful, I am without friends and home, am here on the earth like a lost one and know not what to do”; and make them understand that their condition would be so much better when they pass the veil, and many of them would be guilty of self-destruction. The Lord has, therefore, wisely hidden the future from our view. (Journal of Discourses 14:228-229)

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