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The Lord has wisely hidden the future from our view

Commit Suicide to get to the telestial kingdom? It is not wisdom for us to understand the future, unless upon certain principles. Those principles are divine, and when we understand the future and eternity upon divine and holy principles, we … Continue reading

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More equality in this testing

We may foolishly bring unhappiness and trouble, even suffering upon ourselves. These are not always to be regarded as penalties imposed by a displeased Creator. They are part of the lessons of life, part of the test. Some are tested … Continue reading

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Ether 2:12 America is a choice land

Ether 2:12 this is a choice land…if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ Thomas S. Monson “Are we today serving the God of the land, even the Lord Jesus Christ? Do our lives … Continue reading

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Whose staff is it anyway?

Who is in charge? Who owns this staff? Is this Moses’ staff or Aaron’s staff or God’s staff? (Exodus 4:2, 7:15, 17:20, 9:23, 10:13 versus Exodus 7:9-12, 7:19 versus Exodus 4:20) Exodus 4:2, 7:15, 7:20, 9:23, and 10:13 all indicate … Continue reading

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Life and Potential

This picture of NBA champion Stephen Curry says it all on so many levels. Life is what you make of it. When Steph Curry was drafted 7th in the 2009 NBA draft, there were some naysayers. I do not believe … Continue reading

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Are there degrees of glory within the Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms?

I had a great question asked after one of my night classes recently. A student asked, “Are there degrees of glory within each of the degrees of glory?” While we know that this is true in the case of the … Continue reading

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Will the real priests please stand up: A rivalry between the House of Aaron and the Levites

Does Jehovah choose only the direct descendants of Aaron as priests OR all of the tribe of Levi? (Exodus 28:1, 28:41, 29:1-9, 40:12-16; Leviticus 1-8; Numbers 3:1-9, 25:10-12 versus Exodus 32 and Deuteronomy 18:1-8) “Bring Aaron, your brother, forward to … Continue reading

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What on earth did you say to him?

The following in as excerpt of an account of Joseph Banks’ escape from the hands of the Germans during World War II, taken from his book entitled A Distant Prayer.  Starving, cold, and frightened, Joseph and three friends attempt to … Continue reading

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Ephraim Hanks A Model of Obedience

The Walls The following illustrates the way in which the great quality of obedience was part of the character of this legendary pioneer: “On many occasions Ephraim Hanks was rewarded for his obedience to the Prophet Brigham Young. One spring … Continue reading

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