Oliver Cowdery’s Dying Testimony

Oliver Cowdery’s last testimony

Oliver Cowdery 1806-1850

Oliver Cowdery 1806-1850

Elder Phineas H. Young, who was present at his [Oliver Cowdery’s] death [at Richmond, Missouri, March 3, 1850] says, “His last moments were spent in bearing testimony of the truth of the Gospel revealed through Joseph Smith, and the power of the holy priesthood which he had received through his administrations.” [See MS 21 (1859):545.]

Oliver Cowdery’s half-sister, Lucy P. Young, widow of Phineas H. Young, relates that Oliver Cowdery just before breathing his last asked his attendants to raise him up in bed that he might talk to the family and his friends who were present. He then told them to live according to the teachings contained in the Book of Mormon, and promised them if they would do this that they would meet him in heaven. He then said, “Lay me down and let me fall asleep.” A few moments later he died, without a struggle.

David Whitmer testified to Apostles Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith in 1878, as follows: “Oliver died the happiest man I ever saw. After shaking hands with the family and kissing his wife and daughter, he said, “Now I lay me down for the last time: I am going to my Savior;” and he died immediately with a smile on his face. [See MS 40 (1880):774.]


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