Martin Harris’ Dying Testimony

Martin Harris 1783-1875

Martin Harris 1783-1875

Soon after his arrival in Utah Martin Harris located in Smithfield, and later in Clarkston, Cache county, where he died July 10, 1875, nearly ninety-three years old. A few hours before his death, when prostrated with great weakness. Bishop Simon Smith came into his room; Martin Harris stretched forth his hands to salute him and said, “Bishop, I am going.” The Bishop told him that he had something of importance to tell him in relation to the Book of Mormon, which was to be published in the Spanish language, by the request of Indians in Central America. Upon hearing this, Martin Harris brightened up, his pulsation improved, and, although very weak, he began to talk as he formerly had done previous to his sickness. He conversed for about two hours, and it seemed that the mere mention of the Book of Mormon put new life into him.

His son Martin Harris, jun., in a letter addressed to Pres. Geo. A. Smith and dated Clarkston, July 9, 1875, says: “He (Martin Harris) was taken sick a week ago yesterday, with some kind of stroke, or life became so weak and exhausted, that he has no use in his limbs. He cannot move, only by our aid. He has continued to talk about and testify to the truth of the Book of Mormon, and was in his happiest mood when he could get somebody to listen to his testimony; if he felt dull and weary at times, and some one would come in and open up a conversation and give him an opportunity of talking, he would immediately revive and feel like a young man for a little while. We begin to think that he has borne his last testimony. The last audible words he has spoken were something about the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, but we could not understand what it was.” (LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, p.276)

On the afternoon of his death he was bolstered up in his bed, where, with the Book of Mormon in his hand, he bore his last testimony to those who were present. (Millennial Star, Vol. 48, p. 367)

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