Raised from the dead – Mathew Cowley in New Zealand

Elder Matthew Cowley

Elder Matthew Cowley

I was called to a home in a little village in New Zealand one day. There the Relief Society sisters were preparing the body of one of our Saints. They had placed his body in front of the Big House, as they call it, the house where the people came to wail and weep and mourn over the dead, when in rushed the dead man’s brother.

He said, “Administer to him.”

And the young natives said, “Why, you shouldn’t do that; he’s dead.”

“You do it!”

This [was the] same old man that I had with me when his niece was so ill was there. The younger native got down on his knees, and he anointed the dead man. Then this great old sage got down and blessed him and commanded him to rise. You should have seen the Relief Society sisters scatter. And he sat up, and he said, “Send for the elders; I don’t feel very well.” Now, of course, all of that was just psychological effect on that dead man. Wonderful, isn’t it—this psychological effect business? Well, we told him he had just been administered to, and he said: “Oh, that was it.” He said, “I was dead. I could feel life coming back into me just like a blanket unrolling.” Now, he outlived the brother that came in and told us to administer to him.


Elder Matthew Cowley, Speeches of the Year, “Miracles,” February 18, 1953, p. 9.

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