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Alma 49-51 Adapt or Perish

Alma 49-51 illustrate how Moroni continually adapted to circumstances as he fought with the Lamanites. His army was the first to the battle with armor, as Zerahemnah stated: We are not of your faith; we do not believe that it … Continue reading

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Old Testament Lesson 9: God Will Provide A Lamb

Lesson 9: God Will Provide A Lamb Kings Shall Come Out of Thee Genesis 15–17; 21. Later in his life, Abraham desires and is promised seed (15:1–6). Sarah gives Hagar to Abraham as his wife; Hagar bears Ishmael (16:1–16). God … Continue reading

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Alma 46-48 The Power of One

We read in Alma 48:17 that if all men had been like Moroni, the powers of hell would be shaken forever. Since Moroni is an important protagonist in these chapters, it is good to analyze what he did and how his … Continue reading

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Alma 39 – The Law of Chastity

Alma does an excellent work in his communication with his son Corianton in this chapter. He doesn’t just correct his son, he helps him to see that his actions had consequences, and shows him how to guard himself in the … Continue reading

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Alma 40-41 The Resurrection & Justice

There is much to cover in Alma 40-42. It is good to emphasize one or two doctrines when teaching Alma 40-41. I focused on the fact that there is a resurrection, that many witnesses have testified of this reality, and … Continue reading

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