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Why did Jesus have to suffer, bleed, and die?

The demands of justice The atonement of Jesus Christ: his suffering, death on the cross, and resurrection made it possible for all mankind to be resurrected and forgiven of their sins.  Occasionally I am asked why Jesus had to die.  … Continue reading

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Job: Addressing the problem of evil and suffering

Imagine that you live in Metropolis, and that you are on a first name basis with Superman.  You live on the 33rd floor of a high rise.  One night you wake up and to your horror you realize that your … Continue reading

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Student questions about suicide

Recently several students have asked about suicide.  The questions are mostly asking how the Lord will judge those who take their own lives.  This and questions relating to how the Lord will judge us are common among the youth.  When … Continue reading

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Esther – A Credible Witness

The book of Esther deals with many issues that apply in the lives of young people.  Young people today are constantly facing times when they need to stand for something.  Like Esther, they deal with being a covenant person in … Continue reading

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1 Kings 18: Blaming others for our problems

I must say that I love the Old Testament.  There are just so many stories that relate to our lives.  The story of Elijah and his contest with the priests of Baal is a dramatic example of the power of … Continue reading

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1 Kings 17: Elijah and the widow of Zarephath

Due to Ahab’s wickedness (1 Kings 16:33 – 1 Kings 17:1) the Lord sent a famine throughout the land of Israel.  After a time, Elijah is sent by the Lord to a widow that lives north of the land of … Continue reading

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